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Synchronicity and coincidence (Deepak Chopra)

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Deepak Chopra on Synchronicity

Diving Deep with Deepak

Enjoy the wisdom of Deepak, coincidence and synchronicity.

Here are the 9 traits of a synchronicity experience:

  1. Conspiracy of improbabilities
  2. These events are not cause-effect relationships
  3. These events are orchestrated in non-local
  4. Higher dimension of reality
  5. Higher consciousness intention
  6. One you start experiencing it, it never stops
  7. Emotional joy

Ok go

  1. A conspiracy to what seem to be improbabilities.

You are surprised, you are thinking of someone and they call you on the phone. You are craving ice cream and someone invites you to go and get some.

2. Encounters are not time-space


3. Events are orchestrated in a domain that is non-local

Non-local means it doesn’t exist in the event of space and time. A synchronistic event is simultaneously, it is not in space-time, it is a domain outside space-time, which in spiritual religions we call the soul. As soon as you have the thought, the other person is having heh thought.

4. They move you into a high dimension of reality.

What we call soul consciousness, God consciousness, unity consciousness

5. There is an intention involved – Higher consciousness intention.

Maybe you don’t know you had that intention.

6. Once you start experiencing them it never stops.


7. Emotional joy.

A lot of emotional fulfillment comes, a lot of laughter comes with it.

8. As a result of synchronicity you start to actually become very clear about the meaning of life.

This is your calling, and this is why you are incarnated.

9. Once you know the mechanics of synchronicity, you slowly become free of what we call karma.

Is there a way to manifest more synchronicity?

Yes, read The Spontaneous fulfillment of desire.

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