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Synchronicity walk

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The only way we truly affect the way others think is by speaking to their hearts, not their minds. Speak the language of love, and you will change minds.

So we allow synchronicity to occurs naturally thru the process of cause and effect. Maybe it’s purely a sign post to say it’s safe to go this way, it’s not so safe to go that way. It is something that synchronicity can do too. It can literally serve as a red light, as a green light, as a warning side, as a nudge. There are literally parts of you that can see bigger picture of your life, sometimes years in advance. You might think well that’s predestined. I think what we are looking here is the probability database. Your patterns, your everyday patterns, your everyday behaviors.. If you do the same thing every day that becomes predictable. With the personal causality, we start creating more. When we ctart to do that we can start to create, manifest , attract to us what our hearts desire.

A synchronicity walk can literally guide you beyond the boundaries of ordinary consciousness, intimately connecting you to synchronistic events of life changing significance.

We’ve all learned from school the Law of attraction, manifestation, reality creation. This is putting these ideas into practice. At any given moment, if you take action.

We can become blinded by our own beliefs, belief-system blinding.

Nothing in your life happens by chance, but by the loving or unloving every-day choice you make.

We are not controlling the walk. We are allowing intuition, we are allowing synchronicity to guide us.

Synchronicity walk with Todd Acamesis

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