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What is synchronicity and how to REALLY use it?

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What is synchronicity how to use it

What is synchronicity and how to REALLY use it?

I think the universe is talking to me, but can’t understand it.

What is synchronicity and how to use it

Video by Christina Lopes, DPT, MPH – Subscribe on Youtube

Synchronicities can show up in your life in all shapes and forms.

The more that you know how to work with synchronicities, the more that you stay in alingment with your soul path.

In this video, you will learn what synchronicities really are and how to attract them.

Two powerful ways to help you work with synchronicities when they do show up in your life.

As described by Carl Jung, synchronicity is a simultaneus occurrence of two meaningful events that are not causally connected.

Jung saw synchronicities as an acausal connection between a person’s psyche and the material world outside.

Jung talked about synchronicities like meaningful coincidences. It was basically a play between a person’s mind and the material world outside.

An example of this would be.. When you think of a friend and later on that day that person calls you.

These two events don’t seem causally connected, meaning, you thinking about your friend doesn’t seem ..

So personal meaning is a really crucial key of synchronicities.

Jung actually believed that synchronicity was really very connected to a phenomenon in Quantum Mechanics known as Quantum entanglement.

There is a veil placed that’s placed on us so that we forget our soul history, we forget we have a connevtion with a higher self. Synchronicity help us connect and guide us in our path. This is one of the reasons why synchronicities exist.

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