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Astral Projection 101 with Todd Acamesis

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How to astral project?

Everything you need to know about astral projection.

Todd Acamesis will show you how to get from here to another dimensions.

There are hundreds of “How to astral project” videos on YouTube and even more guided astral projection meditation videos, but if you look closely at the comment section of these videos you will notice a trend.

For every comment reporting success there are usually 20 comments reporting failure.

So with all of these “how to” videos and guided meditations, why do so many people still fail to consciously astral project on their first time or failing repeating the experience more than once?

Why People are not Succeeding

I’ve been running astral projection retreats and workshops for

Astral Projection techniques, guidance and answers, everything you need to know.

Check out Todd’s workshop at

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