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How do you connect to the spirit world?

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How to connect to the spirit world - Mark Bajerski

Mark Bajerski

Connecting to the spirit world

Do you feel like you are often “touched” or “poked” by invisible entities?

First of all, if any of these things have happened to you, fantastic. That’s a great message that says you are awakening. It means that you are opening up to the simple fact that there is more out there than we can actually see.

There are forces out there that manipulate us every day. They try and sway us in the direction of “you must feel this” you must listen to this. All this garbage trying to stop us from who we truly are.

The spirit world is around us at any given moment. If you imagine two parallel worlds – there’s more, but imagine these two. If you are busy worrying and fearing about the next mortgage… Would you have time to look into the spirit world? The truth is that there is a HUGE picture behind what we can normally see.

There are so many signs that we are given every day, but 99% of the world is blinded to that because of mundane living. From that moment on, as my life started to progress spiritually… I became more happy, more loving, more sensitive, more open and more aware of things. Of course I’m going to see more. And then that path became my path. And then I started wanting to know more. I wanted to feel more, I wanted to see more, I wanted to push and extend the boundaries of just these feelings. These simple things happening to me daily, thus I became a full time healing and psychic. All I could tell you guys is that after 11 years of working daily, there is nothing that shocks me anymore.

The spirit world tries to connect with us

So there are many forms of spirit world tries to connect with us. So many things happen, you can’t put this things into boxes, all you can do is accept what you are going thru as “your experience”, rather than trying to find someone who can confirm this. Spirituality is a personal journey. It is a journey of personal faith. I think it’s a beautiful thing but many people can’t grasp that. So they kinda reject it, sometimes the ego kicks in because probably they never experienced anything like that so they don’t want to look silly, and two because they probably can’t grasp there is something else, something bigger, something uneasy around us.

How do we connect with the spirit world? Well, you know how my journey started about “there is more to life”. That only happened because I rejected my life, I left it all behind. I moved to a magical mountain, now I had time on my hands. I’m not telling you to leave everything behind. If you are in pain if you are in suffering, if you wake up in the morning and don’t enjoy your work… Then why can’t you leave everything behind? I did it.

It’s only your thought feeling, your limits, your belief that allows you to take a leap of faith. So we know know that one of the greatest things we can do is find our inner peace, our space, our time. Often we try to communicate with spirit in many ways. Meditation is a fantastic way. Healing circles is the way I did it, a turning point in my life.

Finding your peace is the absolute most connection to the spirit world. If you feel in frustration and in fear, those emotions that energy is very loud and it’s very hard for spirit whisperers to come through. It is very important that we learn how to find balance in our life and tell our mind to shut up and be still. Lot’s of healers will say “live in the moment” – There’s a reason for that. You have to still yourself, you have to still your mind. And then you get into what is called a very attuned vibration, something that’s so powerful in stillness. I think that moving on fro that there are many ways of cleansing and clearing yourself, clearing your mind and body.

Rise above fear and worry

Food is important, drink is important, looking after yourself and feeling good within your body. Rising above worry and fear, looking after yourself and trying to find peace and happiness. These are very powerful energies that help you connect to the spirit world. People ask me often can you teach me how to connect to the spirit world? I don’t actually do those type of workshops.

For me I have a three step program First of all I went to a circle where you learn to heal, heal yourself, learn everything about spirituality and the connection within the two world. Part two is a course on crystals and the hird step is a three day course on how to read tarot cards. These days that you digest all this amazing information brings out teh pwoer within you.

Why do we want to become connected to the spirit world? We spend all of our life trying to connect to the spirit world so what’s te point of being here? We might as well stay home. And there is truth in that. SO y philosophy, my believe is that when I do my work i cut off and I live a “normal” life. We try to live a balanced life, it is very important.

So it isn’t an easy and simple explanation on how to connect to the spirit world, there are many different ways and many people have their own gift on how to connect. Some people hear songs, some people see things and some people can just bring a story.. My way is through hands, I place my hands over yours and I can feel your energy and and from there that helps me connect to the spirit world. The biggest mistake is looking at someones gift and saying “I want to be like that”

The secret is to – no matter how small you think your little gift is – do that. That’s when you see more and feel more.

How do we connect with spirit?

Every little gift that you have is probably the key that opens the door in your connection with the spirit world.

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How do you connect to the spirit world?

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