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Sadhguru: Seeing repeating numbers

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Seeing repeating numbers coincidence, Sadhguru explains

Repeating numbers


Seems like Sadhguru is not too keen on the repeating numbers synchronicity.

Let’s say that there are two people that love each other. If one person is thinking of a certain thought, the other person is also thinking of teh same thought certain cohersiveness can easily happen with life, so there is synchronicity with life, otherwise life would not exist. – Why some people are so in sync with each other?

Sadhguru answers to Keri Hilson – singer, songwriter, actress.

Keri: In my friends’ circles there is a lot of us experiencing what we call synchronicities, or God’s winks.. cause I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in confirmations. But a lot of us start seeing repeating numbers, 2222, 111, 333, 444, 1010, 1212 you know. It’s not just me, like a whole community of people that I know are all greatly aware of this “secret”. i guess phenomenom among us. This is also beyond just the numbers, it is certain sightings and visits. It’s a magical time… But what would you say, what would you attribute this experience to?

I know so many people that are having this experience right now, says Keri Hilson.

The Mystery of synchronicity and numbers – Sadhguru

Sadhguru responds

Numbers and number systems have been invented by human beings, we made up the numbers because we have ten fingers, we made ten important numbers. And you know the zero came from India, you know that. The zero was invented in India. And the number system evolved out of that. In India we say we see that zero is the only tru number because that always exists. The rest we made up. One two three four made up by us. Zero has always been there. It’s a natural existence there is a zero, there are many many things which are zero… But one two three four we make it up.

How far can we count?

It depends, you know. A child will think 10 means it is like a big number in a child’s mind. Well now you can say a million or a billion… Now this days everybody is saying a zillion.. I don’t think most people understand what’s a zillion but people keep using.

So about coincidence of numbers, one aspect is there are only 9 digits, so repetition is very obvious.. because there are 7 billion people, and there are only 9 digits. How many times will they repeat themselves? But at the same time, if there are two people too close to each other, let’s say there are two people that love each other it happens that at a given moment both are thinking of the same thought. Or that one person is picking a number that is 3.. the other person is also picking a number that is “3-2. Certain coerciveness can happen in life, not only with human beings, it can happen with other creatures and animals.

For example, if a group of wild elephants come and start gracing- Even among trees, there is such synchronicity. If human beings There are lots of studies, in the yoga culture we call it sansriti. Just because a certain family has certain skills, the children born in that family develop that skills. There have been studies that notice that this is possible that learning can happen within contact.

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