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Law of Attraction Stories (Todd Acamesis)

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Law of Attraction

Manifestation stories

The power of visualization.

I am standing there with my warm fingers, finally I realize I was standing on frozen ground, with tennis shoes, flat shoes… Converse, no socks. The cold is going right through my bones. The third car pulls over, I’m telling him about the gloves, the hat..

We get to the border between Michigan and Canada, I step out of teh car and my foot goes into a foot of snow. He said, look there is a youth hostel down the road, why don’t you check in for the night?

I knew I only had $10 dlls in my pocket, so I was hesitant but I thought. I was shown mercy, I wsa showned kindness.

If all the animals are looked after, why don’t we?

I went in, had a little food with me I was weating that. He looked at my shoes and was: Are those the only shoes you got? There is going to be more snow tomorrow when you ross the border.

I don’t know if these will fit you, somebody handed them me a week ago. It was a perfect fit, brand-new boots.

Law of Attraction stories with Todd Acamesis

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