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Affirmations, Akashic records and synchronicity

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Affirmations, synchronicity, akashic records


The key about affirmations, the secrets to synchronicity flow and learning about Akashic records, universal soul memory.

Topics discussed:

What happens if you don’t believe in what you are saying, or what you are trying to affirm.

Why sometimes you feel that you can’t be as happy as you think you could be, in any moment.

The importance of staying focused in the flow as to have synchronicities guide your life in a positive way.

Affirmations, synchronicity and what are akashic records by True Nature


If you don’t believe in what you are affirming, for example if you say to yourself “I’m so happy and greateful now that I’m a multimillionaire, or millionaire.. and you don’t really believe it, you can’ relate to it.. it doesn’t evoke any feelings inside you.. Then you will create the opposite.

You will feel more lack, more insecurities.. and think to yourself.. Why won’t I match up with this affirnation?

It is because you see it so far away from your belief systems.

When you start with an affirmation ..

Everything is always working out for me – That’s why it’s general and believable.

Then you can go into more specific affirimations, such as: I’m the best violin player in my village, or… I’m the best chess playerin Europe.. maybe you need more evidence to back it up.

The key point here is that you know it’s the right affirmation for you when it invokes a feeling of calm and peace and serenity and hope, like you feel “I’m on top of the game” “I know what I’m doing”.

Affirmations like: It’s alright, everything normally works out for ,e. I’m doing great, I’m doing fine.

But then don’t side steo from authentic behavior.

Authenticity is the key in your life, always have that as a guiding force. and emotion is king. True emotion drives everything. Always remember these things.

Akashic records

Why don’t you always feel as happy as you could be. And that is because there is something called the akashic record. It is a Hindi word, sanscript maybe.. and it talks about your soul imprint. All-day experiences that humanity has had up to this point. So of course there is a lot of drama, happiness, love, family life, friendships..

But if you come from an ancestor lineage which has been very hardworking, like farmers or such.. there can be a lot of lack mentality: I’m never good enough, I¡’m bever gonna make it.. Thoughts like that that follow you as an energy imprint. So this is an advice from a collective conscoiious group.. saying..

If we can mine the akash and get teh good memories into our life, and skip the nasty stuff, the horrible traumas in that, then we will manifest more positive things in our life.

One way to affirm this is to say to yourself: I am magnificent. I am magnificent. I am magnificent.

And then the cells in your body will listen, because there is that universal God energy that lives inside the cells that listen when you speak. When you start doing that, something will shift inside of you eventually. You will start manifesting more of the good things in a human experience than the bad things, and that’s the soul memory, akashic records.


When you are in the flow, you kinda fall in love with your future self and your future experiences in a way, as a vision, as an imagination, as an aim.. more than you remember you pause. And your routines and who you used to be, then something shifts as well and you do more things that you enjoy. You allow yourself more leisure time, more relax time and you trust your intuiution more.

Then your intuition will guide you to see places, talk to people and see people.

This guiding force that is so close to emotion and intuition can start a ripple effect with synchronicity.

For example, I normally take a bike ride every morning, but I don’t know exactly where I¡m going. Could be left turn or rright turn. Just for exercise. But then when I do that, I stumble across many synchronicities.

People I know, I see animals that I would’ve not seen. It’s a ripple effect when you allow this underlying currentw e are calling synchronicity, to guide you. And it’s of coursed coupled with intuition.

So strengthening intiuution by loving yorself more, affirming good things into your life and enjoying the moment. That will improve life quality a lot as well.

Good luck with trying out these different things.

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